Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cooking Ahead

Today is a Tuesday...you might be wondering so what, Kati?
Well tonight is our weekly trash night, so I have found it to be good day to cook ahead, since I will be producing more waste than normal. Recently I have gotten out of the weekly habit of cooking and prepping ahead, so I'm going to give it another chance, albeit slowly. 

I am starting with some simply boiled organic waxy red potatoes and parboiled rice. The potatoes were pretty straightforward, as I just rubbed clean under water and set in water to cook, but the rice took a little effort. I rinsed 4 cups of rice several times until the water ran clear, then gave it a good soak for an hour to cut down on cook time. I added a little less water than called for, due to the soaking and put salt and about a third cup of coconut oil in the cooking water. 
The rice looks pretty good! And it tastes perfectly al dente and chewy, with the right amount of give. 

I am planning on washing and chopping some additional food such as the veggies romaine lettuce, green onions,radishes and broccoli, plus whatever else I can find that needs using.

That's all for now! Not too exciting, but it will help me to not be in the kitchen with 3 hot pans on the stove every night this week.