Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hulk Cereal and Bar option

Today I gave the sons some trail mix as breakfast cereal, with coconut milk and blueberries on top. My eldest asked for more about five minutes after I told him that was all he would get (it was a lot!) I explained to him that the cereal had lots and lots of energy (calories- I am not afraid of calories, but I believe they should not be ignored completely) in it and he said "like the Hulk has lots and lots of energy?" I told him yes, it was the kind of cereal the Hulk would eat since it had so much energy in it. I offered a mandarin or some carrots if he was still hungry and he declined. 

What I put in our "Hulk" cereal:

*Dry roasted salted almonds (from Trader Joe's)
*Roasted and salted shelled sunflower seeds (also from TJ's)
*Coconut flakes (from the bulk bags at Natural Grocers) 
*Generous handful of chocolate chunks (once again, from TJ's)

For the proportions, I probably used an equal weight of almonds and coconut flakes, with a little less sunflower seeds. I just rolled and shook the mix around in a sealed jar. You can eat it dry or turn it into Hulk cereal with a bit of milk! You could even soak it overnight in yogurt or kefir for some grain-free muesli.  

You can sub out the chocolate for raisins, diced apricots, banana chips or even pecans or walnuts. It is a versatile type of thing.  Yummy, very filling and energy dense, to keep those little Hulks going full power until lunch! 

Recipe option: taking the mix, slowly add some type of liquid sweetening syrup and/or plant protein butter until it holds together. Press into a parchment lined pan with some overhanging on the sides and bake on 250 F for 25-30 minutes (or use a food dehydrator after shaping in a pan, but it may take longer). Be careful not to burn! Cool and cut into bigger bars for meals and smaller bars for snacks on the go. 

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