Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stupid Easy Puffed Rice

This really is so very easy, to make your own puffed rice without all the extra stuff. There is no need to ever buy expensive puffed rice cereals again once you get this simple process down. And it's instantly gratifying!

What is needed:
*As much parboiled or converted rice as you want to puff up (it will say this on the label. Do not use any other kind, as I'm not sure it would work the same. The box of rice I purchased was about $10 from a big box store, and I got 25lbs...you do the math) :) 
*Enough high oleic sunflower oil (or another high heat stable and low PUFA oil) to make a couple inches in a small pot. I used a quart sized pot, which my strainer 
Fits into nicely, as you can see. 

Heat a small pot of oil to about 380-400f. You can use a candy thermometer to check oil temp. Put a tablespoon of parboiled rice into the fine mesh metal  strainer and lower into the oil. The rice puffs up and floats to the top in a matter of seconds, so it doesn't take all the long to make a considerable amount of puffed rice. Gently tap excess oil off over the pot, and dump out onto paper towel lined plate or pan. You can sprinkle whatever you like on at this point or leave as is.

Tips: Only leave rice in the oil long enough to puff up, or it will become overdone. You can use a spoon to help dislodge puffed rice from strainer if it gets stuck. 
This is crunchier than the name brand, which I love. I hope you do too!

The uncooked rice compared to the puffed... Yummy yummy. (:

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